Coordinates: Berlin

Described by David Bowie as, “the greatest cultural extravaganza one could imagine,” the German capital is a leading travel destination that serves as a hub for modern arts, music and culture, with numerous historic and contemporary attractions to experience and enjoy.

Coordinates: Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto — Coordinates (35.0116° N, 135.7680° E) 過去が未来を満たす場所. Can’t read that? Neither could we, until a friend and Kyoto local tipped us off to the phrase that defines her city:

Creative Coordinates: Denver

With a new public transit system, an overall vibe that focuses on locally-produced and eco-friendly products, micro breweries and bud shops on every block, all an hour away from the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado is a city on the rise.

Creative Coordinates: Napa Valley

The 10,000 takes a late-summer trip to Napa Valley, California, the region best known for its award-winning wines. Use a local tour company to hire a designated driver for your rental car and tour this lavish, yet understated region.

Creative Coordinates: Marfa, Texas

Marfa is the Russian derivative of Martha in English. Derivative has a negative connotation, for we often fail to see the creativity and brilliance behind imitation. Just as Marfa is a more striking version of Martha, its study in contrasts will strike you.