A Conversation With Hugo McCloud

A native Californian and adopted New Yorker, Hugo McCloud is a self-taught, multimedia artist inspired by urban landscapes and decay. McCloud, who has been featured in solo exhibitions in New York, Italy, and London, works largely in metals, and applies a “physical and instinctual” approach to his work.

Girls Club: A Conversation with Alda Ly and Chiara de Rege of The Wing

According to The Wing’s in-house historian, the first professional women’s club in America was founded after Fanny Fern, a popular American newspaper columnist, was turned away from a speech Charles Dickens gave at the New York Press Club and told she could, “listen through a crack in the door.” Over 100 years later, The Wing carries on the tradition.

M&D Selects: Shadow Child

Shadow Child knew at age 12 that he wanted to be a musician. Since then, he’s made a name for himself as a producer, branched out into a DJ career, and launched a music label, Food Music, with friend Lewis of Kry Wolf.

Coordinates: Dallas

In our latest installment of our travel guide, we take on Dallas, Texas, the city full of surprises, western flair, and a good amount of culture. Also, it's true what they say: everything is bigger in Texas.

Coordinates: Utah Road Trip

For the latest installment of Creative Coordinates, our travel guide series that charts the world's creative hotspots, we chose not to focus on one city, but to embark upon a road trip across the great state of Utah.