Introducing The MW07 GO
True Wireless Earphones: Master & Dynamic’s Workout Earphones

Introducing The MW07 GO
True Wireless Earphones: Master & Dynamic’s Workout Earphones

We are thrilled to announce the latest evolution of the MW07 family: the MW07 GO True Wireless Earphones. This all-new iteration of the MW07 True Wireless Earphones sees technical enhancements while maintaining its celebrated quality, design, and exceptional acoustics. 

The ultimate in portability and durability, the MW07 GO is built from TR90, an ultra-strong, lightweight composite used in sport sunglasses. These are the perfect sport earphones, ideal for high-intensity exercise, and running in any weather. Our incredible workout earphones, and their case, are 15% smaller and lighter than the first generation MW07, and feature IPX6 water and sweat resistance rating. Five ear tip sizes and three patented Fit Wing sizes provide a custom fit that stays secure during any activity. The MW07 GO earphones are available in Flame Red, Jet Black, Electric Blue, and Stone Grey. A new technical knit fabric surrounds the charging case providing sustained durability and reduced weight.

Master & Dynamic CEO Jonathan Levine explained the genesis of the new active product, “We knew from customer feedback that many people were using their MW07 True Wireless Earphones for exercise as well as for general listening enjoyment, especially during travel. Armed with this information we set out to adapt the MW07 PLUS platform to a dedicated active model–the MW07 GO–focusing on the features most important to this use case including size, durability and water resistance rating.” 

Technically Advanced Sport Earphones for Running, Biking, and High Impact Workouts
The MW07 GO is packed with power, providing 10 hours of listening time fully charged, with an additional 12 hours of battery life from the charging case – the perfect travel-friendly companion for long runs and workouts. The earphones can be charged to 50% in 15 minutes and 100% in 40 minutes via the USB-C cable. The MW07 GO also features custom 10mm Beryllium drivers and voice assistant capabilities. A dual beamforming mic array filters out external noise for clear talk in any environment.

How to Choose the Best Workout Earphones For You
In searching for the best workout earphones, there are a few features you will want to be on the lookout for. Optimal earphones for running and other high impact activities will typically include all of the following features:

  • Water-resistance: if your earphones don’t have some sort of water-resistance rating, wearing them while sweating on runs and outdoor workouts in the rain will likely cause eventual damage. Remember that sport earphones that are built with sweat resistance in mind are likely to prove more durable.
  • Battery Power: nothing ruins a workout or a long-distance run more than your earphones running out of power. Earphones that feature longer listening time and quick-charge technology are desirable traits to look for in a search for workout earphones. 
  • Secure Fit: workout earphones that stay put firmly in your ears throughout your exercise routine are preferable – especially for biking, running, and other high-impact activities. In looking for earphones for running, be sure to search for earphone design features that result in a firm and secure fit.

Shop Master & Dynamic’s MW07 GO True Wireless Earphones or learn more about the technical aspects of these workout earphones, including their TR90 material and IPX6 water-resistant rating. 

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