A Conversation with Trevor Hall

For singer/songwriter Trevor Hall, music is not just a passion, it’s his life’s work. Hall’s oeuvre, a unique blend of roots and folk, is further inspired by his own yoga and meditative practices, paired with an ongoing fascination of Eastern Mysticism.

Catching Up with Devin Allen

Once again photographer Devin Allen finds himself holding the lens of America. Today, Allen’s ongoing documentation of the Black Lives Matter movement has landed him on the cover of TIME Magazine, the second of his career (Allen’s photograph of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising made the cover of TIME Magazine in May 2015).

I Think, Therefore I Ambient

Setting the perfect mood takes serious skill. But if there’s one thing that instantly helps, it’s a good playlist. 30 tracks, 3 hours and 3 minutes of ambient music from Tomoyoshi Date, Stijn Hüwels, Laraaji, Nils Frahm, Roberto Musci, Asa Tone, and many more.

Motivational Music

Music’s ability to inspire focus and creativity is undeniable. If you’re looking for some motivation, try listening to our Must Have Motivation playlist below, which we’ve curated with tracks from the likes of Lou Reed and Lizzo.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Efforts

New York City, our hometown, is one of the areas hit hardest by COVID-19. We faced a severe shortage of personal protective equipment for our doctors, nurses, and other medical staff on the front lines of this pandemic.