A Conversation with Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Automobili Lamborghini

A Conversation with Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Automobili Lamborghini

In honor of our limited-edition collection with Automobili Lamborghini, The 10,000 spoke with Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for the iconic Italian automaker. Responsible for global brand strategy, marketing and partnerships, Bassi is also the first woman to ever join the Lamborghini board. Read to learn more about Katia Bassi, her vision and passion for Lamborghini, and on her exemplary resilience during the global pandemic. 

As Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Lamborghini, you are responsible for the global direction of the brand. Tell us about your role and focus.
Since 2017 when l joined the company as Chief of Marketing, every day is a busy one. Today I am the Marketing and Communications Officer at Automobili Lamborghini and also have the privilege of being the first woman to be part of the management board. In my role, I am responsible globally for the strategic direction of brand, marketing and PR at large, as well as partnerships, influencer relationships, sponsorships and co-branding activities. At Lamborghini, we do not only manufacture super sport cars – we are much more. We design experiences, which is exemplified at our Lamborghini Lounge in New York and the Lamborghini Lounge Tokyo, opened last October. The Lounge’s core concept of informal luxury expresses the Lamborghini worldview as well as reflecting our commitment to innovating while maintaining our brand DNA and our Italian cultural identity. We are future shapers and always strive to break new ground, both within the automotive sector in terms of design, technology and performance, and within the greater realm around us.

Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer of Automobili Lamborghini

Sound is a part of the Lamborghini driving experience. In fact, a roaring Lamborghini engine is often described as symphonic. What drew you specifically to foster a partnership with Master & Dynamic?
The distinctive Lamborghini design, the inimitable sound of its naturally aspirated engines and the visionary approach to aesthetics and performance aligns with Master & Dynamic’s philosophy. For us, sound resonates with Lamborghini: the peerless music of a Lamborghini aspirated engine has a sensory and emotive appeal for everyone. The combination of design sophistication and technology in delivering a purity of sound is a talent shared by both the brands, and is the rationale behind the partnership.

In a Minded podcast you spoke about the importance of details. Can you explain the level of detail, precision and craftsmanship that goes into producing a single Lamborghini automobile?
In one word, it is obsessive, almost maniacal. Lamborghini cars are created from a combination of precise production engineering on ultra-modern production lines, coupled with the best craftsmanship and finish and the highest level of quality. On top of that, personalization is a key factor characterizing each of our products. We live in the so-called “age of you” era, where self-affirmation is relevant, rather than just the ownership of material goods. When it comes to luxury products, the trend for personalization is constantly growing — everyone wants to be different, to be recognizable, unique.

Through our Ad Personam Program, we give customers the chance to unlock their personality and creativity thanks to the infinite possibilities of personalizing every element of their car, from stitching and materials to embroidered initials and, of course, paint colour. The program not only creates the best possible customer experience, but also enhances the product and brand in a broader sense. Indeed, since our foundation in 1963, around 400 different colors have been created over 57 years of history, some of which are extremely exclusive, used only for one-off and few-off models. More than 50% of Lamborghinis coming off the line today are configured with an Ad Personam specification: a percentage that has tripled over the last three years. Italian Craftsmanship combined along with innovative technology, futuristic design, and the highest level of quality and personalization: these are the key elements that make our super sports car so unique and beloved by our clients and brand lovers all over the world. 

You were recently on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia as part of a campaign to showcase Italian resilience during the global pandemic. Tell us about that resilience, both on a personal and professional level.
Resilience is the strength that emerges when each of us faces his or her own limits or overcomes challenges posed by external events. It is how individuals, companies and, broadly speaking, communities or countries are led through processes of transformation and innovation. Lamborghini is a brand that is constantly transforming, driving for new levels of ground- breaking technologies, innovation and success, and overcoming obstacles to create the Lamborghini of tomorrow. Our recent company transformation came with the arrival of the Urus Super SUV, which brought a third Lamborghini model line, resulting in a doubling of our production site and volumes, 700 new hirings and an increase of our customers— more than 70% of Urus clients are new to our brand. Thinking about the resilience, I have to say that it has been the drive that allowed us to be a company able to adapt the business context and respond proactively to the extraordinary period of new challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brings. Two years after its market introduction, the Urus launch in June reached the delivery of 10,000 units and in September we saw a positive record-breaking sales trend, with 2,083 units delivered to our customers in the third quarter of 2020. This performance was made possible by every one of us: our team, our dealers, customers and brand lovers all around the globe.

In addition, after the reopening we have had an intense period with the launch of four new models: the Huracán RWD Spyder, the Sián Roadster, the Essenza SCV12 and finally the Huracán STO – that we presented virtually on the 18th of November. The Huracán Super Trofeo Omologata is a V10 engine road- homologated super sports car inspired by the racing heritage of Lamborghini Squadra Corse one-make race series with Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, as well as its three-time 24 hours of Daytona-winning and two-time 12 hours of Sebring-winning Huracán GT3 EVO.

On a personal level instead, I strongly believe that each step taken in life will lead to something great. There will always be hurdles, but this will only strengthen one’s perseverance in achieving goals and ambitions. Throughout my career, I have found myself in male-dominated environments and faced several personal challenges. Persevering has been my way to legitimize my role above my gender and helped steer my purpose: that is, to inspire the next generation of female leaders through my experience. Lamborghini FAB (Female Advisory Board) is a concrete example of this vision: it is a project that includes around 200 female leaders and influential personalities from various fields, such as business, technology, luxury and sports. This group of successful women has a shared desire to make a difference not only within their fields, but also more broadly helping shape the future and empowerment of women. The recent launch of the FABTalks, a podcast series telling transformational stories of eight FAB members, is just one way we communicate these values and inspire other women.

Katia Bassi and Lamborghini FAB members at Automobili Lamborghini HQ

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